To the students of 1959, Yucaipa High School meant going to school on what is currently the 9th grade campus.
Yucaipa High School Principal Worden Nollar.
Counselors Helen Nance, Lida Bloebaum, Howard Brover,
and Anges Lamkie(l-r) Standing is Vice Principal Don Brown
Teachers Jack Merrill and Jack Buckley.
Teachers Gwen Marino and Keithy Crawley.
Co-ASB Presidents Mike Priebe and Walter Simon
The Sweetheart Ball court included Ginger Ward, Luanna Betts, Queen Eileen Duelke, Eillen Reider and Danice Duncan.
As with today, music was played in the quad for YHS students.
Girls enjoyed P.E. as much as they do today.
The only thing different about YHS Swimming back is 1959 is a few fewer swimmers, parent support groups, league championships and girls.
Funny, students really don't look that much different today in 2004 than they did in 1959